The more we interact with people, the more we gain ideas regarding the different topics. To learn and gain vivid ideas regarding different topics, we make a community where we discuss this. This is an open forum where we welcome all kinds of guest post contents related to business, investment, and finance.

We offer the platform to everyone who wants to brighten their career in this field. We provide an opportunity for people to share their ideas with people all over the world. Anyone can write blogs related to the latest trends in the categories mentioned above. For instance, if you want to write for us investment category you need to follow some guidelines. For that, read all the company’s guidelines and privacy policies.

Guidelines that you should follow to post in our community blogs

If you want to post the contents on our community sites, then you have to follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

1. Articles should be related to the topics

All the articles you write for us should relate to the topics. We only post the contents regarding the business, financial, and investment sectors. So, while choosing the topic, make sure that it is related to any of the topics mentioned above.

2. Approximate word count

Either you approach us to write for us finance, write for us investment or write for us business, the length of the article should be more than 1000 words. The length of the article can increase the chances of publishing the content. Readers don’t want to learn the lengthy articles. So, make sure that your content has an approximate word count, and the points included in the contents are to the point. Make your articles short, and keep the words simple and easy.

3. Research well

Before including any point in your article, make sure that it is well research. Don’t write anything just to reach the word count. To make your articles and blogs more interesting, add some subheadings, bullet points, and all.

4. Keep your language simple

While writing anything, make sure that the language must be lucid. The reader should easily catch the points which you want to tell them. Create an article with proper structure with relevant tile, subtitles. Write the important terms in bold letters to make your article more eye-catching.

5. Add external links

You can also add the external links related to the niche. You can attach the backlinks. Before posting or publishing your content, we will check the backlinks. The article should reflect a positive vibe. Don’t try to put any negative comments that can impact the user’s mind.

6. Add graphics & images

To make your article more entertaining, add graphic images and videos related to the topic. You can also write quotes that reflect the proper sayings you want to convey to the people. By doing so, you can enhance the quality of your article and gain more readers.

7. Error-free content

Ensure that the content you provide to us is free from all errors and 100% unique. Don’t put any affiliate links in your article which are against our guidelines.

If you don’t follow the above guidelines, then the chances of publishing your content will go down.

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