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Are You a Startup Looking for Ideas to Launch the Next Big Thing Check This List Now!

If you’ve been brainstorming for a while now and have failed to come up with good business ideas, don’t fret! Finding a lucrative and practical idea isn’t easy, but once you do, you must turn that idea into reality, and what better way to brand your business than creating an app to do it?

The competition is fierce for businesses of all sizes, and even more so for startups. But running a startup means making the most of the resources and tools available – why not use them to establish your business in the industry via an app?

For the longest time, before the technology existed, doing the simplest mundane tasks would take so much effort – until apps made our lives easier.

The number of mobile phone users across the globe is growing and it’ll stay that way until the end of time. Use this opportunity in your favor and enter the app development market. Regardless of the kind of business sector your startup belongs to, using a mobile app to promote your brand establishes business growth and presence in the industry.

Whether you’re running a startup in retail or tourism, hospitality, or social media management, you’ll be excited to find worthwhile ideas in this list for your startup to launch as the next big thing.

You don’t need much besides the proper tools and resources; however, a good internet connection is an undeniably important tool to bring your idea to life. Luckily, AT&T bundles and AT&T Wireless plans have you covered in this regard. Always stay on top of research and development with high-speed internet and 99% reliability from AT&T! 

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the most exciting part! Check out the best mobile app ideas you can launch this year and set your business up for success!

A Recipe Diary App

No one is born a great cook. It’s a skill that takes time and practice to perfect. For the longest time, we’ve all been relying on cooking videos and channels on YouTube to help us put delicious food on the table. Basic meals and lunch preps take so much time and effort when you don’t know where to start from. This is where a personal recipe diary app can come in handy!

Your personal recipe diary will include the recipes for all your favorite dishes, categorized in order of cuisines, and also share recipes of basic and exotic dishes from chefs and professionals around the world.  Not only can you rate the recipe according to your experience of trying it out, but you can create your own wish list and automatically receive the recipes you wished for in your list once they’re available on the app.  

To simplify the entire cooking ordeal for beginners, the app can also include video tutorials recommended by top-rated chefs. The food sector is growing drastically, make the most of it by developing a customized recipe-sharing app. 

Travel Planner App

Planning a trip can be daunting. If not done right, you’re stuck with a badly planned trip. But you don’t have to face any of the hassle and embarrassment when you have a friendly travel planner on your phone. 

This app can schedule your trip around your work schedule and deadlines, assignments, and projects, making sure you don’t miss out on anything super important. Now that the scheduling part is over, you can also sync your friends’ work schedules with yours and plan the trip accordingly so no important projects or deadlines collide with anyone’s trip. It will keep track of your liked places, favorite spots, preferences, food preferences, etc. to pitch-perfect day-to-day for you. 

A Book Club App

If you’re a bookworm, you’d be excited about this money-making idea! Imagine having a social media platform dedicated to book lovers around the world. This platform connects readers from all over the world and allows them to share their favorite books, scripts, pieces, and much more with one another. Moreover, they can also share the books they want to give away for free or sell at a lower price by simply registering themselves on the platform. 

Book lovers around the world can also hold book clubs, arrange meetings, do book readings, and exchange books!

The Bottom Line

Coming up with creative and profitable ideas is not an easy job. And when you finally find an idea decent enough, chances are there’s already a similar idea existing in the market.

Thinking outside the box becomes ten times harder – but not all hope is lost. All you have to do is find an everyday problem and create a solution for it! This list targets the most common problems and questions we face in everyday life and suggests the right ideas to fix those problems.

If your startup is looking for the right idea to make a breakthrough in the market, you’ve come to the right place. Pick your favorite idea and add your own twist to it with a customized mobile app!

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