Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Privacy Policy

We will take care of your privacy in the best possible way!

While posting any blog on the community blog site, guests always concern about their personal information. This information is known as the personally identifiable information that we keep secure in our database. This information helps us in case of emergencies and to locate the writer easily. We are known for our commitments. We collect information on individuals to use in emergencies and protect them from being misused by any anonymous.

The information which we usually ask from our guests

When an anonymous person tries to access our site or want to provide necessary information regarding the service, then he/she has to enter the details that include name, email id, mobile number, and all. If a person wants to subscribe to our newsletter, they can easily subscribe by putting the necessary information. We ask for this information for a better user experience.

Why this information is necessary

When a person subscribes to the newsletter or take part in a survey and write for us, we ask them to fill in the necessary information for several reasons. This information is necessary to get the best user experience. We will send you the recent and instant modification notification on your mobile and mail. We will keep you updated with our recent blogs and news related to finance and the business industry.

Your personal information, our priority!

If you are conscious about the details you entered on our website, we want to ensure your credentials’ safety and security. We conduct regular surveys. We have top IT experts who continuously update the websites and identify the loopholes if there is any. They continuously keep their eyes on the database. We also conduct online surveys to collect suggestions that help us to identify any kind of vulnerability. We scan for malware on a regular period. Only authorized people can access personal information. So, no need to worry about that when you are working with us!

Cookies & trackings

While surfing on the browser, you may see a pop-up window that asks you to accept or block the cookies. When you accept the cookies, then it will easily recognize you. It is a file that is placed on your hard disk. These are unique files that are assigned to you to get notifications from the site. Cookies are essential for gathering information. This is essential to increase your user experience. You can also block or disable the cookies without affecting your user experience.

What about Disclosure of information in front of outside parties?

We don’t provide access to third parties to access the information of our clients. We only do this after taking your permission. Well, the hosting and website making partners have access to this. Because of them, we can run our websites smoothly. We don’t take any responsibility for your information if you visit third-party sites through our website. We are not liable for the damages and any other consequences. I hope you like our policy, but if you still have an issue, just call us & mail us!