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When you are running a business, you have to find out the marketing ways to get your brands and services’ popularity.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you will be familiar with the concept of marketing. But many people don’t know anything about this, and this article is dedicated to them.

Here in this article, you will learn about this and the different examples of it.

Here you will also read about the advantage and disadvantages of this. So, without wasting your time, let’s begin the discussion on what is mass marketing.

What is mass marketing?

To learn briefly about what is mass marketing, you have to understand the concept of marketing first. Think about any product which you want to purchase and what makes you influenced to purchase this.

You have most likely seen that product in the advertisement or on the billboards that force you to buy this.

It is defined as a marketing strategy, where you have to sell something to as many people as possible.

Here you don’t have to focus on building the relationships. This marketing is directed towards attracting a large number of people or an audience.

The only aim of this marketing is to address the highest number of people or potential customers. To get the maximum amount of exposure for the product, you have to focus on the higher sales volume.

It is an effective process of advertising products which are mostly purchased by people.

This marketing strategy has some elements that include various terms like product development, promotion, designing, and pricing.

This marketing is popularly known as an undifferentiated marketing strategy. In this marketing process, the organization usually ignores the niche.

Most of the organization uses this marketing strategy for gaining better revenues. But in reality, it only generates a lot of low-quality leads. This is also known as shotgun marketing.

If you talk about the most successful mass marketing retailer globally, then Shotgun marketing is in the top position.

There are different procedures of this marketing strategy that you should learn before promoting any product.

To become a successful mass marketer, you have to minimize the product range and maximize the promotional distribution. In general terms, it is the process of advertising or promoting a product or a service such as through insurance commercials or product billboards.

Through this, you can appeal to a large number of audiences to purchase that product. Many leading and small businesses use this strategy to create a brand image of their product and business.

Most of the manufactures also use this strategy to introduce new products in the market. If you also want to gain better returns from your business, you should go for a product’s marketing.

Here are some important elements of this marketing strategy:

  • Development of product

This is the most important element of mass marketing. This is specially developed to deal with general-purpose products. With the help of a general-purpose product, you can increase the chances of getting revenues in your business.

  • Designing a product

The marketing of any product also depends upon the product’s design. It is a highly accessible term. With the better design of product packaging, you can attract as many audiences as you can.

  • Pricing of a product

Pricing also plays an important role in the selling of any product. To attract a broad base of the customer, you should make the price affordable for every people.

  • Promotion of any product

To get better results on this, you have to promote the product with broadcasting media. By promoting a product, you can get better returns and revenues.

Mass marketing – Examples

Most of the telecommunication or telecom operators use these marketing campaigns to attract and aware of their customers.

A huge number of people used telecommunication service in the different corners of the world. Some FMCG products also use this marketing process that includes soap, detergents, dishwash, hygienic products, deodorants, etc.

This marketing strategy is used mostly by the big and leading organizations that do a massive amount of productions.

Coca-Cola, Colgate, Walmart, etc., are the leading examples of this marketing strategy. You can see the advertisement for this product on your televisions, billboards, etc.

Over the years, Coca-Cola used this strategy to maintain their brand, and they are continuously gaining very effective and successful results from this strategy.

This mass marketing strategy is common in various sectors, including consumer durable goods and the services most people use.

To understand this, let’s take an example of 2 deodorant companies who have decided to launch their products. Let’s name company A and company B.

The deodorant company A creates an eye-catching and creative marketing plan to advertise their product, and they hang the posters near the college’s campus for advertisement.

At the same time, company B also developed a unique plan to advertise their deodorant. They hang the posters and create billboards, and use newspapers for advertising their product.

Instead of appealing to only one audience, company B creates a sensation among the audience of different age groups.

So, it’s clear that company B gets better revenues and returns. The only aim of using this marketing strategy is the ability to generate customers.

The more clients your company has, the more revenue you will get from your business. With the help of this marketing strategy, you can increase the awareness of your product or service.

You can also consider the example of that stock market trading strategies is highly impacted by mass marketing as investors often rely on timely and relevant information to make informed decisions.

One more example is Real estate. Mass marketing’s influence extends beyond consumer products; it also plays a vital role in real estate market analysis. The data and insights gathered through mass marketing efforts, including demographic trends and consumer preferences, are invaluable for professionals engaged in real estate market analysis.

The medium of Mass Marketing

Three are the various medium of this marketing strategy which you can use to advertise your product. For a successful marketing campaign, it is necessary to advertise your products on different platforms to reach various people.

The mass marketers usually create several techniques to appeal to a large audience. If you talk about the traditional advertising method, then television, newspapers, billboards, pamphlets, and radio is the most common techniques.

But because of the development of technology, the medium of marketing is also changed.

Now you can use various social media platforms for advertising a product. With the help of this marketing strategy, you can reach people quickly.

By hiring experts in the marketing industry, you can make an identity of your brand. In this way, you can gain popularity and as well as earn revenues from worldwide.

Now you can post the details about your product on social sites platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here you can also talk with your audience and influence them to purchase your product. You can influence people to buy your service and also refer to their friends.

You can ask them to share your posts with their relatives and friends circle. In this way, you can gain a huge audience. By performing this strategy, you can gain various benefits, which we will discuss in the next section.

Advantages & Disadvantages of mass marketing


Everyone has some pros and cons. Similarly, this marketing strategy also contains some advantages and disadvantages which you should know about.

So, let’s start with the advantage of this marketing strategy.

  • Cost efficiency

This is one of the biggest advantages of this mass marketing strategy.

It is the most cost-efficient way of marketing that is helpful for the smaller business as well as for the larger one.

When a company performs this marketing strategy for their business, they send the details of their product to various print media, broadcasting channels, and social media to reach thousands of people. You can perform this strategy on an affordable budget.

  • To get a better output

Companies that perform this marketing strategy get a better platform to attract them. They influence the audience to receive products in an affordable range.

By this, the leading organization gets as many customers as possible. In this way, the production of the company is increasing with the increase in the customer.

By performing this strategy, you will not only get a massive audience, but you also get a huge amount of revenues and better output.

  • To increase brand awareness

By doing this, you can increase the awareness of the product and the brand. If we talk about McDonald’s, they have consistency in their business over the years because of this marketing strategy.

  • Build trust

The organization usually performs this to build trust among the audience. It is specially developed to increase the brand identity of a product.

The audience took more interest in choosing a product that they saw daily. They usually purchased the brands that are known and popular.

So, by this, you can earn brand loyalty and force people to come back to you from time to time.

  • Reach to the millions of viewers

By performing this marketing strategy, you can reach millions of viewers in a single shot. Because of the definite details of a product, the product’s image is reinforced in people’s minds.

By this, you can make a strong image on the viewer’s mind. You can break all the barriers and enter the market and gain more competitors. Similarly, there are many more advantages to this, which makes it popular day by day.

Disadvantages of this marketing strategy:

  • Can’t break the barriers

When you don’t perform this mass marketing strategy correctly, you may face some issues. In some cases, you may not reach the people living in different areas.

Different people have different desires and requirements, so you have to reach beyond the audience’s expectations. It needs more time and effort. To perform this strategy, you have to discuss it with the marketing experts.

  • Create boringness among customers

Sometimes, consumers getting bored by seeing a product everywhere, and they lost interest in buying that product.

So, sometimes you may end up getting fewer sales by investing more money in this.

  • An expensive way of marketing

Sometimes, it may cost large for you. If we talk about this mass marketing strategy, then it is usually performed by the leading organization. If you want to generate more customers, you have to dig deeper into your budget.

So, sometimes it discourages the small business. In this marketing strategy, the company doesn’t consider the marketing environment changes, affecting their business and budget.

To get a better output from this marketing strategy, you have to perform this strategy after gaining all the information.


By learning the above-discussed points, you can understand what is mass marketing and how it affects your business. You can conclude that this is an effective form of marketing when performed with the right techniques.

If you compare the pros and cons, you will find out that it has more pros than cons.

It is not time-consuming, but yes, it needs extra effort to make strategies.

According to the experts, this could be an option for you to gain better ROI and outputs.

Now use this marketing strategy on your business to gain more revenues and high sales volume in a limited period of time!